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Company United Fish Products

Problem Nuisance gulls

The factory converts trimmings from the fish processing industry into high grade fishmeal and fish oil, which is then used as feed in the aquaculture, poultry and pig industries.

Large numbers of gulls were targeting the intake areas where fish by-products arrive to site. The open top bins of fish scraps presented an easily accessible food source and causing health and safety hazards.

  • United Fish Products
  • United Fish Products
  • United Fish Products
Project Overview

It’s well known that gulls are opportunists and will target easy food sources. United Fish Products in Aberdeen were suffering a severe gull problem and looked to NBC Environment for help.

The Solution

NBC proposed a regular falconry programme utilising birds of prey, in addition to a handheld laser and acoustic distress caller.

The programme has been hugely successful and already resulted in a substantial reduction in the number of problem gulls on site.

Bird proofing has many benefits to solving bird issues such as:

  • Acting as a physical deterrent, utilising nature’s instincts
  • Can be used to clear large sites of nuisance bird populations
  • Can be used in areas where proofing methods are unsuitable or access is unavailable
  • Extremely effective and humane solution

This case study can be downloaded here