Predator Eradication

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Predator Eradication

Non-native invasive species are regarded as one of the largest threats to biodiversity worldwide. Rats, in particular, can have a devastating effect on ground dwelling fauna, specifically ground and burrow nesting seabirds. Research has shown that by eradicating these invasive species from sensitive ecosystems where they have been introduced, particularly islands, it can have a very positive effect on biodiversity.

NBC works with large companies in helping them deliver successful conservation and biodiversity offsetting projects that support compensation measures connected to planning applications. i.e., supporting the offset of off-shore wind-farm developments that are required to compensate for potential loss, and or disturbance, to on-shore breeding seabirds.

Working with leading scientists and ecologists such as Ian cain (Ian Cain Environmental Management) and Dr Elizabeth Bell (Wildlife Management International) we identify excellent offsetting opportunities for companies, which have included mammalian predator eradication studies on islands, and we conduct highly extensive feasibility studies in-situ before progressing to eradication.

The process of eradication can be very expensive and time-consuming, so we firstly support our clients to ensure that any programme could be successfully delivered and that it would meet the seven internationally recognised feasibility criteria that are;

  1. Technically Feasible
  2. Sustainable
  3. Socially Acceptable
  4. Politically and Legally Acceptable
  5. Environmentally Acceptable
  6. Capacity
  7. Affordable

Following an extensive feasibility assessment against the criteria, NBC can then help create and develop detailed implementation and stakeholder plans and deliver a full eradication programme.

Biosecurity following an eradication is of paramount importance to ensure that a re-incursion of the invasive species does not occur. NBC can set out and develop detailed monitoring protocols and measures to ensure that the biosecurity of a project is maintained for at least 25 years.     


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