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NBC are the UK’s leading experts in bird control with 28 years’ experience helping companies to navigate the conflict that can occur between nature and business. We always aim to minimise the impact to wildlife and our clients’ operations, while being compliant with UK legislation.

The very first thing to understand is that ALL bird’s nests are protected by law and it is a criminal offence, with a potential prison sentence, to take or remove them. The only way you can have a bird’s nest removed is through obtaining a license. If you are having issues with birds’ nests, then we can provide expert removal advice at every stage. This advice includes bird nesting deterrents to stop future bird nesting.


NBC’s bird nest removal services include:

  • Consultation. 
    Our experts are available to help produce Integrated Management Plans (IMP), Precautionary Working Method Statements (PWMS) and licence applications.
  • Disruption programmes. 
    We use ecology dogs, hawks and falcons to create a predatory (non-lethal) presence to encourage birds to nest in alternative habitats.
  • Creation of diversion habitat. 
    To encourage birds away from project area minimising impact to populations.
  • Surveys. 
    We carry out detailed inspections to identify potential and active bird nest sites.
  • Bird deterrent systems. 
    We use lasers and other technology to deter nesting birds.
  • Exclusion solutions. 
    Our team use bird proofing techniques such as netting to prevent birds nesting.
  • Egg & nest removal. 
    We can carry this out under licence.

UK Nationwide and Local Service

We are a nationwide company with local bird control teams near you, including the major cities of London, ManchesterBirminghamEdinburgh and Glasgow. Find your local NBC team for expert advice and costs.

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