Preventing pests and infestation outbreaks for the UK's pubs, cafes, bars and restaurants

For the hospitality industry, the threat of pest infestation is a constant concern. Our pest prevention services ensure that you can protect your business from as little as 98p per day*.

Pests such as rodents, cockroaches and flies can cause damage to buildings and stock, as well as be responsible for the transmission of infection and disease.  Bird problems can also affect you. Dive bombing seagulls or pigeon guano in outdoor eating areas are a health risk to your business and its hard earned reputation. As the UK’s No. 1 bird control experts, we offer a comprehensive bird control and bird proofing service that will ensure your business and customers are protected.

It’s not just pest and bird issues we can help support those businesses in the food industry with. We offer a range of disinfection services and in particular the wall mounted disinfection units designed specifically for food service environments this system works safely all day and every day, eliminating bacteria and viruses found in the air and on exposed surfaces in a given space, even in those hardest to reach places.

We are a national pest control company, working throughout the UK with Pubs, Cafes, Bars and Restaurants helping them to achieve the highest possible ‘Score on the door’, our qualified and expert Pest Technicians regularly prevent pest incursion or the outbreak of an infestation. With the NBC service you will be able to minimise and even reduce maintenance and cleaning costs to maximise your hard earned profits.

Often during major events such as the World Cup or Olympics, Environmental Health Officers increase their checks due to the concern of health and safety standards dropping with the extra demands on Bars, Restaurants, Cafes or similar hospitality businesses from increased business activity.

The NBC teams are here to help you breeze through any checks and ensure your business is compliant.

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Integrated Pest Management

We recommend a monitoring programme that focuses on integrated pest management as well as regular site inspections. This approach does not mean extra investment, in fact it can reduce long term costs such as maintenance, cleaning, repairs or even penalties. Our national Pest Control teams are focused on protecting your business from the risk of pest infestation, not just treatment of the problem.

An NBC Environment contract manager will complete a no cost initial survey to understand the level of risk from pests to your business. This will enable an optimised and integrated programme to be constructed and tailored to your business. Typically you will receive:

  • Risk assessment report
  • Recommendations
  • Service specification
  • Quotation

Better Value, Compliance & Sustainability

Whilst we are providing you a service we will also work with your staff to ensure they are pest aware. Your staff’s daily activities such as cleaning, housekeeping, maintenance and daily practices can also help protect your business. Contact us for advice or to arrange a no obligation survey.

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*The cost of pest prevention may vary and is subject to a full site survey being completed and a quotation being submitted.

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