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Biosecurity Management Services

Biosecurity is the term used when looking to implement a set of actions to minimise the risk associated with harmful organisms. These range from insect control, pest control to animal disease prevention, or at least the spread of it.

When should Biosecurity be considered?

Biosecurity is a way to try and control harmful organisms; and is deployed by our customers when considering Avian Influenza (Bird Flu) and the obvious risks that brings to the livestock of poultry within farms or sites that take farm traffic - chicken factories for example.

How can we control harmful organisms to improve your Biosecurity?

By introducing biosecurity measures, we can mitigate the risk associated with poor biosecurity. Biosecurity measures in poultry can include removing birds that have died from Avian Influenza and the disinfection of that area. Other control measures might include controlling pests within transportation containers and managing the risks of contamination and/or movement of pests from country to country.

If you have a query regarding biosecurity management plans, whether it’s regarding the control of birds potentially carrying Avian Influenza (Bird Flu) , the disinfection of an area, removal of dead bird(s) or the prevention of species being transported from one country to another via shipping containers or transportation containers, please contact using the link below.


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We understand that different businesses face different risks and will require a service appropriate to its needs and compliance requirements. Our initial free pest risk site survey is critical to allow our teams to recommend a service that fits your business, its compliance needs and your budget.

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