Gull (Seagull) Deterrents


Seagull Deterrent Solutions

Gulls are a high profile issue and increasingly urban property and areas need to be protected from the disruption and menace that gulls bring.
Effective seagull deterrents may involve the use of one or a combination of methods. The choice of an effective seagull deterrent will depend on the environment, business and population size but most crucially timing.  Due to legal requirements, measures should be in place before the gull breeding season begins in March each year or after the nesting season finishes in September. 


Seagull Deterrent & Scaring Methods

There are a number of gull deterrent solutions that can be effective and will safeguard your property, staff, visitors and the public.
Falconry Gull Deterrent Programme
• Egg & Nest Removal
Gull Proofing
Laser Dispersal
Audio Deterrent System
Seagull Scaring

For seagull deterrents to be effective, it should be planned around the gull breeding season to ensure gull problems are prevented before property damage, injury or health and safety issues occur.

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Legislation & Gull Deterrents

Whichever gull deterrent method is used it must be done legally. Gulls, like all UK birds, are protected by the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and it is illegal to remove their eggs and nests or disturb them once they have begun nesting. There are exceptions however, so gull control is possible under certain licence conditions depending on the risk, the gull species, and the timing of the gull management plan.

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