Seagull Deterrents


NBC have over 30 years of experience of bird control, especially seagulls, which can be a real nuisance and health hazard. Effective seagull deterrent solutions may involve the use of one or a combination of methods. The choice of an effective seagull deterrent will depend on the environment, business, and population size but most crucially timing. Due to legal requirements, measures should be in place before the gull breeding season begins in March each year or after the nesting season finishes in September. 


Seagull Deterrent Methods

There are many different techniques we use to deter seagulls from buildings, boats, roofs, chimneys, and other areas.

These include:

Birds of Prey

Using falcons and hawks to change seagulls behaviours and deter them from visiting your site, is a natural and effective solution. Find out more about our Birds of Prey Pest Control Service. 

Electric Deterrents

We use a highly effective electric bird deterrent system that works on all nuisance birds. Visit our Avishock System page to find out more. 

Laser Systems

This technology uses high powered beams that deter seagulls and other pest birds. It’s used mainly in industrial, aerospace, and urban areas. See more here about the Agrilaser deterrent system.



Bird wire installations are highly effective at keeping seagulls and other birds away from ledges, by using a system of barely visible wires and springs. Read our Bird Wire Installations page to see our expertise in this area.

Bird Gels

The gel gives off an ultra-violet light, combined with a smell and taste, that deters seagulls and other birds from the area. It’s a non-toxic, long lasting, and non-harmful solution. Find out more about our Bird Repellent Gels.


This is a versatile and humane/non-lethal method of deterring seagulls and other birds, using pointed wires that are available in different designs. See full information about our bird spike installation service.

Sonic Deterrents

Our bio-acoustic systems deter seagulls from your area by using bird distress or bird of prey calls. If you’re interested, then see our Bird Scaring Service for more information. 

Seagull Nest Removal

All birds’ nests and their eggs are protected by law and can only be removed with a license. NBC are leading experts in bird management and can advise and help legally remove seagull nests.  You can see more on our Bird Nest Removal page.

Read our article - How To Get Rid of Seagulls - for further Information.

If you have a problem with seagulls then contact us for advice and quotes.

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