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‘Night night, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite’ has long been a favourite children’s nursery rhyme… great for getting the kids to sleep but when bed bugs check in to your hotel, the guests check out!

Bed bugs may not be able to fly or jump but they do have a tendency to stow away in luggage, therefore easily transported into your hotel.  With warnings of a worldwide pandemic being predicted by experts, it make sense to take action before things get out of hand. Bed bug monitors, for example, are a cheap and effective means of keeping an eye on things.


Bed bugs are not the only creatures that could put off your paying guests. Warm conditions and scraps of food make the kitchen an oasis for mice, cockroaches, flies and product insects that could add real meaning to the old joke ‘Waiter, there’s a fly in my soup.’

Preventative measures such as a regular pest prevention programme will stop problem pests taking over your catering operation, save costly damage to stock and more importantly, could save you from loss of business and your hard earned reputation.

Our services are professional and fully guaranteed – and with a no obligation site survey, you’ve got nothing to lose except your unwanted guests!

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