Offshore Bird Deterrents

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Offshore Bird Deterrent Services

NBC Environment have a successful track record in supporting businesses with bird licensing and bird mitigation strategies as well as the expert knowledge and resources to ensure effective operational Implementation of those strategies both onshore and offshore with qualified staff.

NBC have used their transferable skills and 28-years’ experience of bird control onshore to support the oil and gas Industry with a successful consultation and strategy for bird control measures appropriate for offshore implementation.

NBC have expert staff and resources to deliver the most effective humane strategies utilising expert falconry with birds of prey specifically reared and trained for the task.

We also utilise the latest bird control technologies such as GPS tracking on our Birds of Prey, Remote Cameras, Drones and are expert installers utilising the latest acoustic scarers and are the first UK bird control business to utilise the now proven commercial Bird Lasers.

Platform Bird Control

NBC has been involved in early consultation with OPRED and JNCC to help secure a successful application for a bird licence during the decommissioning of oil and gas platforms scheduled for removal in Spring 2021 forward.

The key to this successful application is based on our successful track record of effective bird mitigation operations onshore, including supporting UK nuclear decommissioning sites and supporting large utility companies such as Thames Water.

NBC staff and management have undergone all the necessary BOSIET training and are certified to work offshore and have senior managers experienced in working offshore to launch the initial programme which has proven invaluable as they understand environment.

NBC can offer early advice and support in planning to ensure the most appropriate approach to your bird licence application and can advise on the most effective, safe and economically appropriate methods to solve bird related issues, whether it is supplying you an Ornithologist to survey and report, to helping shape your application and implementing the plan and then reporting on the requirements of your licence back to OPRED.


Award-winning Strategies and Service

NBC Environment are proud to be involved in winning a 2020 Sanctuary Award which recognises outstanding sustainability and conservation efforts across the Ministry of Defence estate.

The Environmental Protection & Enhancement Award celebrates projects that focus on wildlife and biodiversity, environmental research or tackles pollution and contamination issues.

The project was a collaboration between the Royal Air Force, the Wildfowl and Wetland’s Trust Slimbridge Reserve, Natural England, The Defence Infrastructure Organisation, Amey and NBC Environment across several RAF bases.

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We were delighted to be involved in the project. There are many ways to prevent birds from nesting in places where they can pose risks and we look at all strategies to manage nesting birds. 


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