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Humane & Effective Urban Gull (Seagull) Pest Control

As the UK’s gull (seagull) control experts we have been providing advice and gull control solutions since 1993. There are a number of gull control measures to mitigate urban gull problems which may include:

An effective programme is likely to use a combination of the above methods, however we will complete a bird survey before making gull mitigation recommendations. 


Common gull (seagull) problems we deal with include:

  • Noise – Gull noise can be irritating and deafening especially during nesting season (Mar to Sept)
  • Rooftop nesting – Gull nesting debris can block downpipes and guttering as well as attracting parasites and nuisance insects
  • Gull menace – Gulls can often attack people during nesting season to protect their nests. Seagulls are known to swoop at people to steal food
  • Gull fouling – Seagull guano is not only unsightly but a potential health risk especially near ventilation systems and rooftop plant machinery
  • Vehicle or building damage – caused by acidic nature of seagull guano
  • Raised costs – Increased building maintenance and cleaning costs

Working with the Community

If a seagull problem is present it will need everyone affected to work together for a successful outcome. We may find the need to survey neighbouring premises too; often they will be affected by the same nuisance urban gulls or could even be the source which is attracting the gull problem.  We will work with you and the surrounding community to ensure that the final outcome is the dispersal of the nuisance seagulls.

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