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Pigeons have adapted well to the urban environment – multiplying and bringing problems such as swooping, unsanitary bird droppings, noise and flapping. Feral pigeons get in – and on- all types of roofs, balconies, guttering, solar panels and when roosting, you will find unsanitary and unsightly pigeon droppings and feathers.


How to Deter & Get Rid of Pigeons.
Our Commercial Pigeon Deterrent Services include:

Common Pigeon problems

  • Noise: Pigeon noise in a roof space can send the staff crazy!
  • Guano: Pigeon droppings are not only unsightly but a potential health risk especially near ventilation systems
  • Nesting: Pigeon nest debris and droppings can block downpipes and guttering as well as attracting parasites and other nuisance insects
  • Stock damage: Nuisance pigeons often gain access to warehouses or plants damaging stock and even machinery with their guano deposits
  • Vehicle or building damage: caused by acidic pigeon droppings
  • Raised costs: Increased building maintenance costs

Bird control solutions we use to control pigeon problems are:

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