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Effective Pigeon Removal Nationwide

Pigeons can be a real nuisance in urban areas, especially where they have a food source. NBC are the UK’s leading bird control company. Our local expert and knowledgeable specialists are available to quickly deal with any pigeon problems you have at your commercial premises. Firstly, we carry out a free, comprehensive survey to identify the type of pigeon, and where they are roosting and nesting. This is followed by our recommended action of treatment to remove these pest birds and their nests, discretely and humanely.


Pigeon Deterrents

Our qualified bird control teams can help deter pigeons returning to your buildings and areas through effective pigeon deterrents. We use humane and proven deterrent methods to scare pigeons away including falconry, repellants and electric deterrents.

Pigeon Proofing

Pigeons can be a real, long term nuisance to any business with noise and droppings causing disruption and health issues. Using their expertise, our bird control specialists can visit your property and advise on the most effective bird proofing methods to prevent problems from pigeons ands other pest birds. We use responsible solutions including bird netting, wire and spikes that comply with health and safety regulations, plus a 5-year guarantee for further peace of mind.

Removal of Pigeon Waste Droppings

Pigeon droppings can be a real danger to the health and safety of your staff, and visitors to your property. Our professional removal service not only cleans up bird waste in your area, but we also safely dispose of all waste.  A report and completion certificate are provided which declares your area has been cleaned and is now safe.

To find out more about deterring pigeons, read our article 'How To Deter Pigeons'.



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