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Pigeon Problem at Public Transportation Site

Pigeon Droppings Causing Slip Risk

During our time at our client's site looking after rodent monitoring we became in conversation with our client over the pigeon issues we found on site. Pigeons were commonly found nesting and roosting in quiet roof top rafter areas. Pigeon guano was regularly being found in high risk areas including pedestrian walkways causing risk of slips, trips and falls. Even more ironic was the fact that our technician found a trip hazard warning sign on the floor covered in guano!

Our Solution

Initially we discussed this sites issues directly with our client and implemented a routine cleaning programme to reduce the risks of uneccesary slips, trips and falls within the workplace. Once we had this in place to remove the immediate risks associated with guano we discussed a longer term plan. A structured bird control programme using falconry has now been arranged to move on the resident pigeon population on to pastures new! Warning signs now cleaned and repositioned, properly!

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