Laser Bird Deterrent Systems

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Effective Laser Deterrent Systems

Laser technology is now being utilised for bird management in industrial, aerospace and urban areas. It is an effective dispersal technique, as nuisance birds perceive the laser beam as an approaching danger so their instinctive behaviour is to move away from the protected area.

The Agrilaser Autonomic deterrent system uses high powered green laser beams that are designed not to hurt the birds but to stimulate a flight response.

The Agrilaser Autonomic’s work autonomously and are programmed to move in a variety of patterns to ensure the birds do not become used to the green lasers and therefore avoiding the possibility of the system losing effectiveness. Lasers can be programmed to operate during high risk hours and are particularly effective as a deterrent for birds roosting at dusk.


The Agrilaser Autonomic is primarily used at dusk and are a particularly effective at protecting rooftops from roosting birds. The key benefits of using lasers for bird management include:

  • Long range – max 12 km2 from one position
  • Silent – ideal for use in built up areas
  • Non-lethal – birds are not harmed
  • Chemical-free
  • Zero habituation with sustained use
  • Versatile / multiple applications
  • Class 3B laser – for use in controlled environments only

To determine if the Agrilaser Autonomic is suitable, a site specific risk assessment will need to be conducted before recommendation is made.

To book a site survey or to find out more about laser bird dispersal systems and other proofing solutions talk to a member of our team by calling 0333 567 2020.

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