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Van Vynck Environmental have joined forces with NBC Environment.

Van Vynck Logo Orkin Large Acquired by Rollins Inc./ Orkin Global Pest Control in March 2020, Van Vynck Environmental joined the Orkin UK group of companies as the first dedicated falconry company within the group. The very next year, in April 2021 NBC Environment were another welcome addition to the expanding Orkin UK group of companies.

Working cohesively since 2021, Van Vynck and NBC have formally joined forces operating under the NBC brand.

Customers will continue to remain the focal point, following the alignment of these established falconry, bird, and pest management companies, offering clients greater outreach and enhanced support.

Founded in 2003, Van Vynck established a reputation that was totally committed to delivering the very highest standard of service to all their clients.

Their belief was that whether delivering a one-off project, or ongoing contract, Van Vynck’s clients should receive the best level of care from qualified subject matter experts.

Providing a complete range of falconry, bird control and pest control services - from specialised bird deterrent techniques such as falconry to conventional methods of insect and rodent control, Van Vynck’s reputation flourished over the subsequent 20 years in the field.

Thanks to the dedicated partnerships built between staff and customers Van Vynck and NBC are excited about this new era for Orkin UK’s group of companies and their clients.

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