Our Approach

Integrated Pest Management

Taking the right approach – route cause analysis, IPM and the hierarchal approach.

NBC Approach Workflow

Many of our competitors have been observed to approach pest problems from the symptom perspective rather than the cause, simply laying bait in reaction to pest activity.

NBC are different, we start at the beginning with root cause analysis to fully understand not only how to control the issue, but to give longevity to any action we take.  Understanding the root cause is proactive, knowing the pest and how it is using your premises allows us to work with you to ensure our control programs have sufficient depth and intensity to fully treat your pest problem.

The following bullets sets out our approach in broad terms.

  • Identify the pest species.
  • Identify the density and distribution of the issue.
  • Identify sustaining and causative factors.
  • Identify and guide you on your responsibilities as part of the wider integrated approach to pest management.
  • Design a monitoring framework and service program that is site and pest specific, not generic and ‘off the shelf’.
  • Implement monitor and review the framework and program, allowing for flexibility to alter, tweak and change either as the situation evolves over time.
NBC Framework Programme

Our proven approach to pest management considers chemical and lethal controls last and is designed around environmental stewardship within our industry which seeks to eliminate the negative effects that pesticides can have on non-target wildlife.

Our Capability

NBC has a national capability managed centrally from the company’s head office in Norfolk and delivered by eight regions. A designated account manager within the service desk provides a single point of contact and takes responsibility of the client’s requirement entering the request on the company’s CRM system accurately assigning the task to the relevant region for scheduling. If the work is urgent this is then passed to our rapid response team.

Each region has a contract manager who is responsible for quoting works and is a touch point, managing the relationship with the client’s local representatives. Team Leaders look after operations, assigning the work to our BPCA operatives for completion supported by an operations manager.

Business Continuity, Major Incident Protocol and Pandemic Management

We provide business critical services and even services of National importance given that we ensure the skies are safe for the RAF quick response units 24/7 , as such our business continuity planning has to be current and robust.

Major Incident Protocol is in place to provide immediate emergency direction to our people around deployment of staff and focus of priorities to ensure business continuity.

Assessment has been made regarding business critical process, essential services, transport, technology and supply chain to ensure we can react as key workers to our client even during the most challenging times.

This plan was tested during the recent pandemic during which we have only had to furlough those vulnerable and have maintained all our customers KPI’s around service and response.

Working together with clients 

Many of our clients operate their own systems that they require us to operate through, below is a selection of those that NBC are currently working with.

  • Verisae – Tesco , Edgehill University
  • Coupa –  ISS
  • Proactis – Savills
  • Simplifi – CET
  • Dwellant – Workman LLP
  • Tungsten -  Computercentre
  • E-Logbooks – Pentland Brands

Nationwide coverage

We operate on a national scale, with rapid response teams in place to help with any pest emergency.

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