Bird Hazard Management Plan

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Managing the risk of birdstrike.

The consequences when aircraft, particularly jets come into contact with birds can be catastrophic and with incidents not as rare as you may believe the CAA and airfield safeguarding teams seek to manage this risk as much as possible.

As most incidents occur below 2,000 feet during landing or take off airfields seek to take measures to influence items that could attract birds that pose the biggest risk to flight safety within a 13km safeguarding zone around the airfield.

Airport Bird Hazard Management

Birds that pose the biggest risk and which are therefore of most concern are larger birds that congregate in large number, flocking birds. Geese and Gulls are particularly hazardous. These birds can be attracted to areas of standing water such as lakes, quarries or development sites, food sources such as waste sites and buildings with flat or asbestos roofs for nesting, roosting or simply loafing.

Airfields will seek to identify those that pose a risk and encourage them to manage that risk to a level that it does not pose a risk to flight safety.

Airfield safeguarding teams will work with local planning authorities to impose planning conditions that require the building custodians to manage risk through a bird hazard management plan that the airfield safeguarding team will approve.

NBC are world leading bird behavioural specialists who have been providing solutions to a huge selection of clients since 1993 including civil and military airfield operators. We understand the requirements of aviation and have the experience and knowledge to help clients produce effective bird hazard management plans that will satisfy planners and airfield operators and ensure your project, property or business does not put aircraft at risk.



Reported birdstrikes by year and birdstrike status

All data courtesy of Civil Aviation Authority (data 2012-2016)


Reported birdstrikes by location of occurrence and phase of flight

Award-winning Strategies and Service

NBC Environment are proud to be involved in winning a 2020 Sanctuary Award which recognises outstanding sustainability and conservation efforts across the Ministry of Defence estate.

The Environmental Protection & Enhancement Award celebrates projects that focus on wildlife and biodiversity, environmental research or tackles pollution and contamination issues.

The project was a collaboration between the Royal Air Force, the Wildfowl and Wetland’s Trust Slimbridge Reserve, Natural England, The Defence Infrastructure Organisation, Amey and NBC Environment across several RAF bases.

Read more here

We were delighted to be involved in the project. There are many ways to prevent birds from nesting in places where they can pose risks and we look at all strategies to manage nesting birds. 


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