Airport Bird Control

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Effective Airfield Bird Control

Effective bird management planning for airports and airfields is essential to prevent or eliminate the threat of birdstrike.  The risk of avian ingestion or any damage to aircraft and airside facilities could result in costly delays due to downtime for repairs, in addition to the resultant loss of trade while aircraft are inoperable. We can help you manage the risk through Bird Hazard Management Plans that will be approved by safeguarding teams.

Aiport Bird Strike Prevention

Bird strikes are a significant threat to aircraft safety with over 2,000 incident reports recorded a year by the Civil Aviation Authority and severe bird strikes have been proven as a key factor in dozens of plane crashes, far too often resulting in fatalities for passengers, crew or ground staff.  The most vulnerable time when bird strike occurs is during take-off, landing and manoeuvring of aircraft, accounting for over seventy-five per cent of reported incidents.

Bird Proofing & Deterrents for Airports

The warmth and space within airport buildings are a favourite place for pigeons to roost, so pigeon control measures such as netting, spiking or bird wire can be used as a deterrent.  Sometimes, the costs of proofing large buildings and spaces such as hangars can be prohibitive, but NBC provides falconry response utilising birds of prey including Harris Hawks and Falcons.  By utilising nature’s predatory instincts, the presence of Hawks and Falcons ensure a humane & ethical deterrent, making the area undesirable to lesser bird species.

NBC Environment are the industry leading experts in risk management for bird problems, proofing and control services with a comprehensive nationwide coverage.  Having worked closely with government departments such as FERA’s bird management unit on research studies, we have established an enviable and unrivalled reputation for professional bird control and prevention services.


Award-winning Strategies and Service

NBC Environment are proud to be involved in winning a 2020 Sanctuary Award which recognises outstanding sustainability and conservation efforts across the Ministry of Defence estate.

The Environmental Protection & Enhancement Award celebrates projects that focus on wildlife and biodiversity, environmental research or tackles pollution and contamination issues.

The project was a collaboration between the Royal Air Force, the Wildfowl and Wetland’s Trust Slimbridge Reserve, Natural England, The Defence Infrastructure Organisation, Amey and NBC Environment across several RAF bases.

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We were delighted to be involved in the project. There are many ways to prevent birds from nesting in places where they can pose risks and we look at all strategies to manage nesting birds. 


Trusted & Respected within the Aviation Industry

We are trusted and respected by many of the UK’s leading brands including those within the aviation industry for our professional bird management.  NBC provide expert advice and recommendations, together with comprehensive solutions which are implemented to industry best practice standards, reducing risk and ensuring operational compliance.


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