Bird Deterrents

Bird Deterrents

Effective Bird Deterrent Services

Having adapted so well to the urban environment, birds often come into conflict with businesses and people creating health and safety issues. Our bird deterrents and services are an effective way to reduce the numbers of nuisance birds.

Gulls and pigeons can be a particular nuisance to deter due to their fouling, nesting, roosting, scavenging and in some instances aggressive behaviour towards people.


How we deter nuisance birds

We provide the full range of professional bird deterrent services at any location in the UK. Our effective treatments include Falconry ResponseBird ScaringBio Acoustic ScaringPigeon and Gull DeterrentsElectricLaserGel, Bird Netting and Solar Panel Bird Proofing.

Our bird management experts provide the best advice for your problem. 

  • Our bird deterrent solutions are humane and responsibly delivered by our friendly and experienced bird control teams.
  • Rapid response service available.
  • Our highly trained, local technicians have a proven track record in deterring nuisance birds.
  • We work with local, regional and national businesses throughout the UK.
  • Regional and national clients have their own, dedicated contract manager.
  • Quick & easy data reporting for multi-sites through the NBC Portal.
  • We are fully accredited.

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