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Power and Utilities

NBC Environment provide specialist wildlife, vegetation and ecological management and consultancy services to the UK’s Power and Utilities sector including; nuclear power stations, water, electricity and gas suppliers.

From innovative bird management techniques all the way through to the area wide management of land and ecology assets. NBC have the knowledge of working in complex, regulatory environments found within the Power & Utilities sector. We are critically aware of the tight constraints and regulatory driven requirements found within the Power & Utilities sector, as demonstrated by our Achilles UVDB accreditation. We are adept in providing client focused and innovation led solutions in this complex sector.

We and our team of staff have been involved in many Power and Utility project throughout the UK including;

  • New Nuclear Build Scheme near Bridgwater
  • Isle of Grain LNG Facility, Kent
  • Cottam Power Station, Nottinghamshire
  • Gas Compression Stations, Northumbria

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Wildlife & Vegetation Services