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Pigeon Problem at Loading Area

Pigeon droppings risk stock damage

The customer had a long standing issue with pigeons around the loading area where pallets are loaded and stored ready for delivery. They contacted NBC due to a huge increase in pigeons sitting, nesting and fouling causing huge financial implications with stock being damaged and safety issues regards the pigeon guano and the hazardous waste it was creating.

Our Solution

Pigeon Control Measures - The NBC North team supplied and fitted 50mm x 50mm pigeon netting to the underneath of the roof preventing the pigeons from gaining access and causing damage. This was a straight forward task for NBC as we get design and install nets such as this every week. Stainless steel fixings were used with black nylon net to go with the colour of the building. All empty nests were removed before the install of the net and all pigeon guano was safely removed making it safe for the staff and any contractors.

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