Biting Insect Control Treatment

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You may not spot biting insects in your home as they’re so small in size, but you will notice resultant bites on your ankles. Even the cleanest of homes can become a target for these nuisance pests, so attempting to get rid of the critters on your own isn’t straightforward!

The insects thrive in the fibres of your carpet and soft furnishings where they lay hundreds of eggs. Once a pest population establishes your home could be infested with hundreds of fleas, ticks or mites before you know it! The most efficient solution to tackle a pest problem is using our professional service. We understand the need to get rid of biting insects for good. Our tailored treatments are BPCA approved and we use the most advanced professional products in the industry to break the lifecycle of pests.

Our Service includes:

  • Experienced & Fully Trained Insect Treatment Operatives
  • Full Guarantee
  • Survey at Your Property
  • Appropriate Treatment
  • Post Treatment Advice 

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Our skilled operative will carry out a survey to identify the biting insect and assess the extent of the infestation. A risk assessment will also be carried out to ensure the implemented treatment causes no harm to you or your family.  

Our control treatment consists of a specialist spray product which eliminates biting insects at all lifecycle stages. The product also leaves a long-lasting and safe residual to stop any pests returning, so you don’t have to worry about any unhatched insects. The residual is also transparent and odour-less. 

Post- treatment: 
After the treatment appointment, you and your family (including any pets) must avoid entering the treated bedroom for at least four hours. Time is needed for the treatment product to settle and dry. In addition, ensure you do not vacuum or wash the treated area for at least five days to allow the treatment product to do it’s work. Our knowledgeable operatives will provide expert recommendations and guidance to prevent further infestations.  

Pre-treatment Requirements 
To ensure the successful elimination of biting insects you need to carry out are a few steps before our operative delivers the treatment. 

  1. Remove and wash infested items on a hot wash setting (60°C), as well as your pet’s bedding. We cannot treat clothing and bed linen.  
  2. Vacuum your entire property to help remove any eggs, larvae and adult pests. Focus on vacuuming carpets, gaps in floorboards and your furniture if possible. Remember to empty the contents of the vacuum cleaner as you may have sucked up critters! 
  3. Clear as much floor space as possible in the infested room(s) to ensure that the treatment can be applied thoroughly.  
  4. Re-position your furniture in the infested room(s) so all hidden areas are exposed.  
  5. Purchase and regular apply a vet-approved flea treatment for your pet. 
  6. Indicate to our operative on the day of your treatment appointment the areas where your pets sleep as these can be the most infested places. 

Please note, our operative cannot deliver an effective treatment if your home has not been prepared as stated.

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