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Bird Spike Installation on Flood Lights

Bird Spikes on Lights Prevent Bird Droppings Below

Our customer contacted us as they were experiencing pigeon guano build up on a regular basis notably around walkway areas which posed a risk to their customers visiting site.

A site survey was arranged to assess the levels of activity found along with the reasons behind the problem. On inspecting site we found a busy recycling site situated in a semi rural area surrounded by trees. This guano build up was largely down to wood pigeons perching around the number of flood light type units they had installed around the site.

There were a number of risks found especially from the likelihood of slips trips and falls to both working staff and members of the public visiting the site. No existing bird control measures were found to be in place.

Our Solution

Although the issues we found on site could have lead to serious consequences if left unactioned the solution was fairly simple. All light units were out of reach and would require specialist access in way of a MEWP.

A cherry picker was hired for one of our IPAF trained members of staff with a second member of staff provided to act as a banksman. We worked with site to provide safe access to visiting vehicles.

Works were carried out through the installation of stainless steel bird spikes. These were installed using a combination of both adhesives and cable ties due to the varying surfaces we had to fix to.

This simple fix was carried out in one day and now prevents nuisance birds from perching on the light units moving forward.

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