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Pigeon Pose Problem for Warehouse Project

Pigeons Droppings Risk Damage to Refurbished Warehouse

Our client Coveya contacted NBC to assist with a recently refurbished warehouse that had an issue with feral pigeons and gulls. Feral pigeons were roosting and nesting under the loading bay canopy resulting in the accumulation of fouling and associated debris, creating a significant risk to health due to the many diseases and airborne pathogens contained in pigeon faeces.

The new cladding had acidic fouling and guano accumulating on it, the acidic nature of bird fouling would damage all substrates if left not removed.

Our Solution

NBC cleared all fouling and associated debris and treated with biocide to kill all harmful diseases and airborne pathogens. A netting system was installed to the underside of the canopy to deny all further access to this area, and spikes were installed to the leading edges around the perimeter of the building. A roof net will be completed after the gull breeding season

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