Ethical Solutions to Wildlife Risks
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Ethical Solutions to Wildlife Risks
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Ethical Solutions to Wildlife Risks

Now is the time to get bird proofing in place to mitigate risk for this years bird nesting season - find out more

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NBC Environment - nationwide providers of expert bird, pest and infection control

We are an efficient and friendly organisation who pride ourselves in operating honestly and ethically. Our aim is to always deliver expert, tailored and innovative solutions that exceed our customers expectations in bird, pest and infection control throughout the UK.

National, trusted and flexible

Our professional pest control teams operate across the UK, providing services to local, regional and national organisations. We have the accreditations, resources and flexibility across the whole of the UK, to especially meet the demands of customers with large multi-site property portfolios.

Emergency response

We not only provide preventative services to safeguard businesses but an emergency response service where an urgent attendance by our team is required, to minimise the impact to the client.

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Offshore Bird Deterrent Programmes

NBC Environment are proud to have been involved with several offshore bird deterrent projects

With recent changes to legislation on the control of certain birds, the de-commissioning process is at risk if those certain birds populate nest on the platform. OPRED state that "the industry consider whether the presence of wild birds may affect their proposed activities, including decommissioning and plug and abandonment activities”. NBC can support the process to minimise the risk of delays.

Utilising the latest bird control technologies such as GPS tracking on our birds of prey, remote cameras, drones and acoustic scarers we can help you with your project and manage the risk of litigation issues from OPRED which could be enforcement or fines. NBC and are also the first UK bird control business to utilise the now proven commercial bird lasers which is another method we can utilise.


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Bird Proofing Systems

Need to deter problematic birds from your premises?

Nuisance birds unchecked will continue to create mess and damage requiring costly cleaning and maintenance time and time again. Just as bird species and habits vary, so does the right proofing solution. A variety of systems are available and each has its own particular advantages and disadvantages for any given situation.

Each solution we provide is species-specific as our unique track record and experience ensures we understand bird behaviour. Birds will use different areas buildings for different purposes – resting, roosting and nesting. To recommend an effective proofing solution our nationwide teams of bird proofing experts will undertake a survey to understand the full nature of your bird problem and the risk to your business.


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Supporting the Construction Industry

Nesting Bird Mitigation 

NBC Environment are the country's leading experts in helping clients prevent birds from nesting on sites where projects could be delayed as a result.

All bird species are protected by law and it is illegal to kill, injure or remove nests knowingly or unknowingly. An ecological bird survey at the planning stage will identify potential bird or wildlife issues; but what next?

NBC has many different options available depending on the site and can liaise with ecologists, licensing authorities and other stakeholders to ensure our clients are compliant and any impact is minimised.



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