Bed Bug Pest Control

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Bed bugs can be tough to control because they carry a stigma, people will sometimes avoid calling a professional straight away due to being embarrassed.

Instead, many try to treat using an off the shelf product themselves, this could prolong the infestation and lead to it spiralling out of control.

A bed bug infestation can be a very costly to many different businesses, you may have a cost implication to replace furniture, bedding, mattresses within the room/s but also loss of business to close the room/s for a treatment. Also, a ruined reputation could cause loss of revenue in the future from a bad experience.

If customers experience a bed bug infestation within your business, they are likely to complain and request a refund and may not return. This common pest was once associated with unhygienic surroundings, but bed bugs can be found in very clean environments. The good news is with the correct treatment and process bed bugs can be eliminated.

Our trained operatives understand the biology and life cycle of the bed bug, this is critical as the treatment needs to target all life stages of the bed bug.

Our bed bug treatment service includes:

  • A full and thorough survey by one of our experienced BPCA Level II Operatives
  • Advise on the appropriate treatment
  • Advice on the do’s and don’ts to avoid spreading bed bugs throughout your home/business, prior, during and after the treatment
  • Follow-up treatments

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One of our experienced operatives will thoroughly inspect your bedroom(s) to understand the complexity and level of infestation. We can notice even the earliest stages of infestations to deliver targeted & safe treatments.
Our tailored treatments and specialist products eliminate bed bugs at any life stage. We use the most advanced products and tools in the industry, which consists of a combination of powerful methods over three treatment appointments. This ensures all adult bed bugs and their eggs are destroyed. The treatment is applied to the entire bedroom including certain furniture – bed bugs can infest various soft furnishing and fittings in your home.
After each bed bug treatment appointment, you and your family (including any pets) must avoid entering the treated bedroom for at least four hours. This will allow the control product to settle and take full effect. In addition, avoid vacuuming or cleaning the treated bedroom in-between each appointment. Our treatment products also leave a transparent and odour-less residual which stays active for more than several weeks. This provides long-lasting prevention against future infestation. So, avoid vacuuming or washing the treated area for at least five days after our bed bug treatment service has been delivered. Our
operatives will provide expert recommendations and guidance to prevent further infestations.
Pre-Treatment Requirements:
Before your bed bug treatment, the infested rooms need to be prepared. Follow our step by
step guide:

  • Remove and wash bedding and clothing from the infested bedroom. Items need to be washed on a hot wash setting (60°C). We cannot treat clothing and bed linen.
  • Vacuum the infested bedroom(s) to help remove any signs of bed bugs including the mattress if possible. Remember to empty the contents of the vacuum cleaner as you may have sucked up some critters.
  • Re-position furniture in the infested bedroom(s) away from the walls and move items from underneath the bed. This will allow our operative to treat the skirting boards and walls. Do not remove any furniture from the bedroom, as these items could be infested with bed bugs.
  • Ensure the operative has access to other bedrooms in your house, as bed bugs crawl between rooms in search of food.

Please note, our operative cannot deliver an effective treatment if the infested bedroom(s) has not been prepared as stated.

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