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Preventing Starlings at Dairy Sheds

Bird Alert System Solves Bird Issue at Farm

Our client, a large dairy farmer manages large dairy sheds where milking cows are overwintered. The cows have to have food available constantly, which understandably attracts wild birds in this instance up to 500 starlings during the day to feed.

The available food source is so attractive to the starlings, the starlings to do not roost here, they roost in reed beds on the Somerset Levels.

When the starlings are manoeuvring around the shed and resting on the steel framework, they defecate on the cows and areas around. This is a severe risk to the health of the cows, and can effect milk yields and their well-being. The shed generally is covered in fouling accumulations also creating a significant risk to the health of the staff on the farm and visitors.

Our Solution

After a demonstration with the Bird Alert System, which was very successful, this was one of the two bird deterrent solutions (falconry the other) agreed with the client.

This client is part of a large well known food producer that have a Farm to Fork operation, their understanding of animal welfare and the link to food production has helped drive the solution we have been able to offer, significantly reducing the significant health risks to people, the cows and the food chain.

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