As the weather gets colder, rodents will be heading indoors and causing problems! Call us or get a quote and book online.

Your Industry

We are a leading provider of commercial bird and pest control solutions in the UK. We work with our customers across many industries to ensure that their business or organisation is unaffected by nuisance birds or pests.

Tailored Pest Control
Whether you need an regular service agreement or wish to have a one off treatment our local teams throughout the UK will be able to help. We tailor our services to your specific needs which we identify after a thorough survey of your site or premises.

Many of our competitors will provide an off-the-shelf solution for your pest or bird problem but why is a tailored bird or pest control service programme better? An off-the-shelf pest or bird control service may treat the problem but not the cause and you may be paying for more than you need. By providing a targeted and cost efficient programme for your bird or pest problem we ensure you receive a fast, efficient and cost effective service to keep your business or organisation free from the threat of bird or pest problems

Multi-site Management
We provide a multi-site service throughout the UK form Lands End to John o’Groats. We also make the management of the sites service agreements quick and easy for you via Venus INSIGHT an online site management interface that means you can check all your sites wherever they are from the comfort of your desk.