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Gull Problem at Leeds Bradford Airport

Gulls presented bird strike risk and property damage 

Our customer, Learmonth Property Investment Company Ltd, landlord at Leeds Bradford Airport, had a problem with nesting gulls for a number of years. The gulls had been increasing year on year and needed a solution to move the gulls away from the area due to the gulls presenting a risk of bird strike with planes taking off and landing. Also, the cost had increased to clear away old and empty bird nests, debris, fouling, dead birds and uneaten food. Despite the clearance, the debris had also created blockages in drains, again with expense to clear them so it was evident a solution was needed to prevent birds away from the area to prevent these problems.

Our Solution

NBC are a national bird control organisation and the North Team were happy to help provide the solution to these issues. The one million square foot roof was an attractive habitat to pairing gulls to nest and raise their young. To prevent this there were are several bird deterrent solutions but considering the expanse of the roof area the perfect suggestion was to install a laser deterrent system. A laser deterrent system uses laser beams which are programmed to move in a variety of patterns to ensure the birds do not become used to them, the birds see the laser beam as an approaching danger and will change their behaviour to move away from the protected area. This solution reduces numbers of birds quickly and safely.

This has proved extremely effective with all of the 500 pairing gulls completely moving away from the area over the last year.

Watch the installation and testing of the laser


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