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Infection Control Services

NBC Environment works across a wide range of industries providing effective infection control services. We carry out regular disinfecting treatments for clients to help keep premises clean to help reduce staff absenteeism through illness and saving the client money in lost working hours.

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NBC Environment have a nationwide team of trained technicians who are able to cover the UK and manage customers needs swiftly and efficiently.

When it comes to infection control it’s all about protecting staff, visitors and profit! Infection prevention is key for maintaining health and safety among the workforce.


According to the Centre of Economic and Business Research (CEBR) and First Care, sickness absence accounts for a whopping £18 billion a year in lost productivity.

Direct costs such as sick pay and overtime or agency fees to provide cover are obvious but there are also the knock-on (indirect) effects:

  Lowers morale – Increased workload of those covering.

  Leads to mistakes – Covering staff may have less experience or skills or may just be overworked.

  Lower productivity – Less people means less work gets completed which will have wider financial implications of lost revenue and       disappointed customers.

Route to Infection

Three in five infections are caused by dirty hands. Scientists at the University of Arizona have discovered when even one person comes to work sick, more than half of the commonly touched surfaces in the office will become infected with the virus by lunchtime.

Common Causes of Sickness

There are commercial implications of sickness, the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development’s (CIPD) Health and Wellbeing report for 2018 showed more than three-quarters (81%) of organisations reported the following as the most common form of short-term absence;
Colds, flu, stomach upsets, headaches and migraines

FACT! Did you know? There are 400 times more germs on a desk than in the toilet!






Why Disinfecting Treatments are Necessary

Office Dinsinfecting

While you may clean offices on a daily basis even the most conscientious cleaner is only likely to clean a tiny percentage of the surfaces in a building and studies show cleaning alone will not provide adequate control against infection.

Implementing professional infection control treatments using medical disinfectant applied with specialist equipment takes things a step further. Taking these extra precautions helps ensure a healthy and happy workforce.

Watch the videos on an Office Disinfectant Treatment and a School Infection Prevention Service

Employers Duty of Care to Manage COSHH

Employers have a legal and moral responsibility to protect employees and visitors from harm. Risk assessments are routinely completed in the workplace however few complete one for the most common causes of absence within the office such as sickness through infection. An infection control policy should be completed which assesses risk and manages it through control measures to reduce the likelihood and severity of any infection.

Clients report after implementing an infection prevention, improved attendance, staff feel safe to go to work, better morale where staff feel valued and grateful their welfare is considered.

Zero Cost!

Study’s state that the average cost of sickness to an employer is £570 per employee per annum. (analysis by XpertHR)

As the average cost to treat an office of 100 people is approximately £3,456 (out of hours) if the program was to reduce sickness by only 10% it would save the company £1,244 p/a, 20% £7,944 p/a and this does not account for the indirect costs that would also be saved.

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Why Choose NBC Environment?

  • 27 years experience provides knowledge
  • RSPH (Royal Society Protection of Health) certified supervisors ensures competence
  • Medical grade disinfectant that is safe, kills 99.9% of germs and leaves a protective barrier that keeps working
  • Latest technology gets chemical into contact with more surfaces providing better protection.
  • Transparent pricing frozen at pre-crisis rates

Download our leaflet below on how employers can help reduce the likelihood of infection in the workplace.

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Reducing the risk to your business during an outbreak

Whilst we recommend regular disinfecting treatments to minimise risks to staff and visitors, we can respond also to specific outbreaks to protect your business. Please contact us for more information.