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Company Press Metal UK

Problem Gulls

Press Metal in Oldbury is the Warehousing and distribution Hub for the UK. They got in touch with NBC in 2015 as a large colony of gulls were causing significant issues. Upon our attendance it was apparent that this was a substantial colony spread across several sites. There were chicks on the floor, and as a result, gulls were dive bombing staff in the smoking shelter, as well as delivery drivers walking to the security area to sign in – this was in an effort to protect their young as they were grounded being unable to fly after falling from the roof.

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Project Overview

NBC went in and monitored the colony and its young. Once the young were in a position to fledge, NBC went in with birds of prey to encourage the colony to change their behaviours and leave the site earlier than what they would have done in previous years – bird control is all about changing behaviours.

The Solution

NBC were in a position to be already established on site when the colony returned the following February. With a suitable bird control programme in place for that year, the site were able to see the results of a full programme and were so impressed signed up for the following year. NBC have been on site since 2015 and the relationship has developed into one where NBC have full control of the pest control on site. We have been able to assist them through this difficult period surrounding Covid 19 – helping to decontaminate the site to help protect its employees with our anti-viral treatments, as well as being able to source PPE, both for Press Metal and its clients, when it was proving difficult to source and provide.


The client commented…

“We first approached NBC in 2015 as a large colony of gulls had taken residence on our roof. These gulls were causing a health and safety issue by dive bombing drivers, defecating over vehicles and sometimes members of staff.

NBC came in and recommended a bird control programme. This has been in place for 5 years and we have seen a dramatic reduction in numbers with the colony now being pushed away into the surrounding area – This has been a great investment for our company. NBC’s staff have always been knowledgeable, helpful and highly skilled when carrying out their work – I would strongly recommend them to any business.”

Andrew Clarke – General Manager