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Company Nexus (South Shields Interchange)

Problem Gull problem around the Interchange

An increasing number of Herring gulls were causing problems throughout the site. The gull droppings (guano) was not only making the newly built interchange look aesthetically unsightly but was causing a major issue for both staff and passengers of the interchange. The guano was causing a slip hazard along all of the entrance / exit routes and other potential health concerns.

  • Nexus (South Shields Interchange)
Project Overview

The high, shallow roofs of the newly built interchange were an attractive place for the local gull population along side a regularly available food source. Gulls were perching on the roof ledges depositing there guano onto the building and the pathways below. It was feared the gulls may start to nest on the newly built interchange increasing any risk to the building and its users.

The Solution

Falconry control using birds of prey to disperse and move the Gulls away from the area was the ideal solution in this environment. This is a humane method and the falcons and hawks used are seen as predators by the Gulls, displacing them from the area as they see it as no longer safe.

The project started with an intensive month of treatment to displace the Gulls followed by regular visits to site. Because of the carefully planned visits, the gull numbers have significantly reduced and no nesting has taken place this year. Through this approach we have been able to see a large reduction in gull activity across the site.

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