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Company Evander

Problem Pest Control Response

NBC engaged with Evander to deliver a pest control response to home owners who had emergency home cover as part of their home insurance. Evander has very strict Service Level Agreements with their client base who operate under FCA guidelines and required a company who could help them meet those objectives.

NBC have also continuously adapted and modified work processes with Evander to manage the risks presented by COVID-19 for their largely residential client base.

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Project Overview

NBC supported the SLA’s set by Evander and their clients at all times including through the current COVID-19 pandemic. Residential home owners who took out home emergency cover as part of their home insurance are covered for a number of issues for which a homeowner may require a trades person. Evander enlisted NBC to support the pest control category. Evander on receiving a call from the insurance company, promptly enlist NBC to visit the property to resolve the pest issues the homeowner is encountering.

The Solution

When a job is received from Evander, NBC calls the policyholder within 2 hours a to arrange a convenient visit which is within the next 24 hours (meeting the SLA), unless specified by the customer to be outside of that range.

NBC provides a range of services of pest control issues, including the most common which are from rats, mice, wasps and squirrels.

By utilising NBC’s experience, systems and processes we have been able to help Evander achieve their objectives by meeting SLA’s, response times and service quality.

We have worked with Evander to continually adapt these processes to help achieve a safer systems of work, whilst still exceeding service levels required and improving general customer satisfaction.