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Company Anwyl Construction

Problem Nesting Gulls on New Building

New apartments were being built on the sea front in Rhyl and the design of the building and the large colony of nesting gulls put this building in real risk of Gulls using the building as a nesting site.

Anwyl Construction were to undertaking construction of a new over-55’s apartment development. The project was to re-generate the former Grange Hotel site, which had been left devastated by fire over a decade ago. The new apartments would be a vibrant addition to the regeneration of Rhyl’s East Parade.

  • Anwyl Construction
Project Overview

Anwyl Construction contacted NBC requesting help to ensure the high-risk areas of this new build were kept free from nesting Gulls. 2 areas needed attention, these were the large box section gutters that ran on all 4 sides and the array of solar panels located on the rear of the building.

The Solution

Utilizing the scaffold in place, 2 trained NBC operatives installed stainless steel marine grade fixings at intervals of 0.5m. These were sealed with rubber bonded washers, 2 perimeter wires were then run through all fixings and terminated at each end using barrel strainers. A 75mm net was then installed to the perimeter wires to prevent access into the gutters. The array of solar panels was then sealed with stainless steel 25mm weldmesh to prevent gulls nesting underneath.

This installation has been particularly effective as it has eliminated resting places for the birds to sit encouraging them to change their behaviour and leave the area clear in turn reducing the mess associated with bird fouling.

The customer added;

“We called in NBC on short notice to advise us and the client on the best way to over come our problem. NBC gave us good advice and helped us over come all our issues on our short time frame.

The operatives that visited site and completed the work were very knowledgeable, and helpful.

Look forward to working with NBC again”