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Nottingham  Pest Control Services

Our local pest control team covers Nottingham and the surrounding area including Beeston, Arnold, Carlton, Long Eaton, Ilkeston, Eastwood & West Bridgford. Nottingham is the largest city in the East Midlands areas, this does bring many  pest problems including rats, wasps, bed bugs, cockroaches, pigeons, foxes, birds and many more.

Our local team in Nottingham can help you with any pest problems you have in residential or business properties. You will always receive the best advice and fast, 24 hour service from NBC.

Our 24 Hour Pest Control Service

We will carry out a detailed and discreet risk assessment survey of your pest problem and provide you with a full report which includes pest control recommendations to solve your businesses pest issues. Whether you are a small or large business and whatever your level of pest risk, NBC will ensure your compliance without any future nasty surprises. 

Our Pest Control Company Services include:

Rat Pest Control

As in most cities, Nottingham can experience rat problems. Our experienced and fully trained team can check and remove rats in your property, see more details on our rat control service.

Wasp Nest Removal and Control

During the summer wasps can be a big problem. We can quickly deal with wasps at your home or business. Find out more about our wasp nest removal service.

Bed Bug Treatment

Cockroach Control

Wildlife Management eg Foxes, Squirrels etc

See all of our pest control services.

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Commercial customers

If you need to contact us regarding business premises please call 
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Residential customers

If you need to contact us about pests in your home please use our
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Professional Bird Pest Control Services

Like many cities, Nottingham has a very large population of birds. Unfortunately some birds such as pigeons can become pests, especially in the city centre and around restaurant, bars and public areas.

You will always receive the best advice and solutions from our professional team of bird control experts to ensure health and safety in your business.

If you need a bird removal service then contact us for the best advice and service.


Our Bird Control Services include:

- Bird Deterrents

- Bird Proofing

- Bird Dropping Removals

- Solar Panel Bird Proofing

- Pigeon Pest Removal

- Free surveys

and more….


Fast & Local Infection Control Services

Our professional team of trained infection control technicians can protect your staff and business premises in the Nottingham area from infection, with fast response and regular disinfecting and decontamination treatments.

Nottingham has a population of over 331,000 people which presents many businesses, schools and offices with many challenges in infection control. Helping to protect your employees and customers from infection is always our main priority

Our free survey will establish the best solution to your problem.

Our Infection Control Services include:

- Fogging Services

- Disinfection Services for offices, warehouses, care homes …

- Decontamination Services

- Misting Services




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