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Pigeons Nesting in Canopy

Pigeons Roosting in Warehouse

Our client began to encounter pigeons that has started to roost under a canopy in their warehouse which presented a health risk to workers from the droppings as well as the start of goods damage as a result of the droppings.

Project Overview

Our client had a canopy on the side of their warehouse that helps to protect product and offer some additional storage space. This is a metal structure supported by RSJs and did the job superbly until pigeons began to roost and nest within the canopy roof, using the RSJs and supportive metal work as their foundation for nesting. This was causing several issues, mainly the health risk of guano from the pigeons in an area often worked in by their workforce, but also damage to their products that could be caused from the acidity of the Guano.

As a busy site with constant heavy goods traffic NBC needed to organise the logistics of the project and ensure we were well timed. This included the help of the our customers workforce to move their products off of racking situated under the canopy.

Our Solution

The immediate solution suggested to our customer was to install bird netting under the canopy, using the RSJs and other metal supportive beams to attach the net to. Scoped within the work was to use stainless steel fixings where appropriate to ensure longevity to the net, especially as this site was situated so close to the coast.

Additionally bird spikes were installed on lower level drain pipes to ensure that the pigeons did not roost here instead. The act of pigeons moving elsewhere after proofing being carried out is called displacement and we needed to predict the movement of the pigeons to ensure that we weren’t simply moving the problem across the clients site.

With our bird proofing expertise we were able to finish the project on time and on budget as surveyed. Our knowledge of the high risk areas in which birds could move to has ensured that the problem has been solved by client and not just simply moved.

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