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Proofing Property to Keep Rodents at Bay

A company commissioned on behalf of the NHS to provide advisory services, contacted NBC with regards to a rodent issue.  NBC had initially carried out proofing works on another site - the client was impressed with our professional approach, the quality of our work and had no hesitation in contacting us when a rodent infestation was causing concerns on site.

The external survey identified several burrows and runs which were being used along with several areas which were of concern, and, if left unattended - could provide ideal harbourage to rodents and further infest the site. Internal survey revealed some areas which required proofing which would prevent ingress and the potential to cause damage to electrical equipment and building materials.

One of the rodents main characteristics is that they continually gnaw; in fact their name originates from the Latin word ‘Rodere’, meaning to gnaw.  The rodents continually growing teeth help to distinguish it from other animals - they will gnaw a whole host of objects and materials, not necessarily in the search for food!

Our Solution

NBC start at the beginning with root cause analysis to fully understand not only how to control the issue, but to give longevity to any action we take.  Understanding the root cause is proactive, knowing the pest and how it is using your premises allows us to work with you to ensure are control programs have sufficient depth and intensity to fully treat your pest problem. Our proven approach to pest management considers chemical and lethal controls last and is designed around environmental stewardship within our industry which seeks to eliminate the negative effects that pesticides can have on non-target wildlife.

As part of an integrated pest management programme (IPM) we made several housekeeping recommendations, proofed all areas identified and set about a rodent riddance programme over 4 weeks. After these measures were implemented, control was gained over the site and a monitoring programme set up to ensure we stayed one step ahead – the site is now free of rodent activity.

Head office manager for the site had this to say about the service she received – “I was very satisfied with the services provided by NBC. Their staff were professional and friendly in their approach and I would not hesitate in recommending them”

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