Bird proofing and cleaning for 'Help With My Property'

Bird droppings at 'Help With My Property' managed property

Our client, Help With My Property, who are a project management and property management company, contacted us as a result of a large build up of bird faeces at a property they manage.

Bird droppings contain infectious diseases that are harmful to human health transmitted not only by contact but also through airborne particles. Also in substantial quantities bird faeces acidic matter can even cause damage to the fabric of buildings which in turn, leads to higher cleaning and repair bills. Large quantities of faeces will also be infested with blood-feeding insects which will invade buildings over time.

Project overview

build-up of bird guano over one weekend despite the client regularly cleaning represented a substantial problem. Pigeon excreta not only poses a health and safety risk to residents but could also then lead to legal litigation associated with the side effects of pigeon excreta.

Feral pigeons were accessing the open internal courtyard and consequently their excreta falling onto the yard and the air conditioning unit. This created a risk for potential slips and also damage to the air conditioning unit. An anti-perch system had been installed previously around the beams of the yard and has stopped the pigeons landing on the beams however due to not having a physical barrier on the top and side (window gap) of the yard pigeons were still gaining access to this area and creating a health and safety risk for the residents and property damage.

In addition, pigeon excreta which is unsightly and smelly, particularly during the summer months, also harbours numerous insects which over time invade buildings. Pigeons are known to carry textile pests, fleas and pigeon mite which is a biting insect and can cause a skin irritation in humans.

Our solution

1) Bird Proofing

The installation of a net created a physical barrier and prevent the feral pigeons from entering the areas that offer them the most shelter.

Using a black coloured net was more suitable to the style of the area and any stains that may build up over time will be less noticeable than that of a translucent or brick colour net. A zip was also installed in the net by each gutter in order to allow access to carry out any maintenance and cleaning works. Stainless steel fixings also minimised the likelihood of corrosion.

2) Cleaning Guano

The affected areas were treated with a biocide to eliminate all harmful diseases and airborne pathogens. The area was cleaned and all bulk fouling and nesting material removed from site for appropriate disposal.

NBC have now removed any health and safety risks that could be caused to the residents. This in turn will eliminate the risk of damage to the fabric of the building and air conditioning unit which leads to higher cleaning and repair bills.

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