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Fly Control at Waste Site

Preventing Complaints About Flies

SUEZ recycling and recovery UK provides a reliable and cost-effective service that takes care of business recycling and waste needs. With the heat of summer, Suez begin to experience problems with flies due to high levels of waste, including food waste and due to the location of the recycling side being near residential areas, they want to prevent flies to ensure they don't receive any complaints from residents due to their activities. 

Our Solution

NBC provide pest control solutions to Suez all year round but are able to offer seasonal fly control in addition to a range of pest control. Flies become an issue from around May – September (seasonal) time and NBC have the staff and the resources to provide and excellent service to control the issues. Our fully qualified technicians attends site to deal with their issues. Amongst other solutions, due to the outdoor location the flies are usually dealt with by our technicians spraying and treating all the areas where the flies are an issue. This is a highly effective service which eliminates the flies practically overnight.

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