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Pigeon Causing Problem for Building Conversion

Pigeons Causing Issues at Listed Building

Feral pigeons were landing, roosting and nesting inside this listed building and called it home for 20+ years. 

Nottingham Guildhall is a former Magistrates' Court in Nottingham, England. In the 1990s it was used by Nottingham City Council, and there are plans in the to convert the building into a luxury hotel. Consequently, a substantial amount of excreta was present throughout the entire building. Pigeon excreta is very dangerous when disturbed so NBC Environment was happy to help with this huge project of making this clean and safe for contractors to enter to complete their works.   

Our Solution

We firstly came up with a plan to start from the top floor and work our way down but with over 150 rooms in total this was a big task. All rooms and areas were sprayed and treated before work commenced using a biocide which itself kills 99.9% of the bacteria, shovelled inside waste bags and gently placed into a contaminated waste skip for safe disposal. With nearly 12 weeks and 960 hours of hard labour the Team from the North treated the affected areas with the biocide to eliminate all harmful diseases and airborne pathogens found in pigeon droppings. The area was then cleaned and all bulk fouling and nesting material removed.

In order to stop the pigeons re gaining access all holes , gaps and broken windows were fixed and pigeons removed.

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