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Breeding New Life | NBC Breeding Programme 2018

Breeding New Life | NBC Breeding Programme 2018

11, June 2018

Every year at NBC Environment we operate a Breeding Programme with the aim to produce the highest quality hunting falcons. The majority of birds of prey bred here will be working birds.

This year, we have been following Mojo the Gyr-Saker, who had her first clutch of chicks back in May with a second clutch hatching now.

The Breeding Timeline

During the start of breeding season (Late Feb/Early march), our head falconer will start going in with the Jerkin (a male Gyr Falcon) to collect semen and ready to start inseminating Mojo when she starts properly standing and her cloacae starts to swell.

Mojo was inseminated 2-3 times per day and continues to be inseminated during the laying period. Mojo laid her first egg in late March and will continue to lay eggs every other day, except the last egg where there will be a two day gap. Mojo must be inseminated within four hours of laying an egg to ensure that the eggs are fertilised and she will continue to be inseminated after the first clutch of eggs have been removed.

Mojo will begin to naturally incubate her eggs after laying the second from last egg and after ten days of natural incubation the eggs are removed, washed and placed into an incubator which is monitored regularly.

After being in incubation for 31/32 the eggs will pip. Once an egg has pipped they will generally begin hatching within 48 hours. Once the process has begun they will hatch completely within 3-8 hours. It’s fascinating to watch the little chick push its way out of it’s shell.

The Chicks

The chicks are coming along really well. Our first clutch of Gyr/Saker chicks are now just over a month old and the second clutch have just hatched.
Here are some images and videos which we have taken over the past few weeks as we’ve followed their progress.

Each of the chicks are hand reared until they are ready to go back to join their mother Mojo.

Remember to follow our social media accounts for regular updates as we follow these young birds progress.


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