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Wild Geese getting VIP treatment

Wild Geese getting VIP treatment

15, June 2017

Managing wildlife and habitats on any airfield, especially a Royal Air Force (RAF) base, can be challenging and requires a multitude of skills. 

Geese at RAF Base

Whilst carrying out an airfield inspection one morning, our operative noticed two families of Geese (twelve birds in total) who had wandered in from a local nature reserve. During the night, they dug a gap under the perimeter fence, walked onto the airfield and crossed the runway.

As a Bird Control Unit, NBC Environment has the authority to use firearms in the clearance of birds, but instead, our operative decided to use a more humane method and return them back home. Liaising with Air Traffic Control to gain clearance, he escorted the geese across the runway, taxiway and back under the fence into the nature reserve. The fence has been repaired and hopefully the geese won’t make another trip under the wire!

Further information on our work with 6 RAF bases in the Eastern region can be found here.



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