Disease & Bird Droppings

Disease & Bird Droppings

There are several diseases known to be associated with bird droppings; histoplasmosis, cryptococcosis and psittacosis – all can represent a risk to human health. When cleaning bird droppings in any quantity the affected area should be dampened and treated before removal to prevent the risk of inhalation and infection.

When dried-out bird droppings are disturbed, a cloud of airborne dust carries micro-organisms into the lungs leading to respiratory difficulties.

Contracted from bird droppings in nesting or roosting areas or wherever there are bird droppings and can result in flu like symptoms, a fever or in extreme cases, death.

One of the most commonly found diseases it is transmitted by birds such as pigeons and is known as Ornithosis. A flu type disease, fatalities can occur as with normal influenza viruses.

A bacterial infection contracted via ingestion or contact of guano or guano dust. It causes diarrhoea or dysentery syndrome, mostly but can also include cramps, fever and pain.

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