How To Get Rid Of A Wasp Nest

It is essential to book a wasp nest removal before there are thousands of flying stingers in your home or garden – the insects are highly territorial and defensive attacking as a colony to protect their nest.

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The onset of warmer weather during the summer months brings with it an annual nuisance of wasps. Wasps become particularly aggressive in the summer months, especially if disturbed or provoked. This can result in painful stings and potential medical problems for those who are sensitive to wasp venom.

Wasp Nest Signs

If there are a large number of wasps constantly flying back and forth there may be a wasp nest nearby. Treatment of a wasp nest is definitely a job for the experts, as the pests will vigorously defend their nest. Frequently nests are found in roof spaces, eaves, cavity walls, sheds and outbuildings; these are often at height and difficult to reach. Our local team of skilled operatives are able to quickly respond to carry out no-nonsense treatments using specialist products and application equipment. Don’t delay in booking a treatment to eliminate wasps from your home, and reduce the risks of stings to you and your family!

Persistent Problems?

If you experience persistent wasp activity but do not have a wasp nest on your property, we can help you with an integrated wasp pest control programme. Our teams of experts are able to provide advice on insect screens, as well as guidance on making your property less attractive to pesky ‘visitors’.

In the instance there is not a wasp nest close by, but you are having problems with the insects, take a look at our top tips to prevent your home from being a target for the pesky insects. You could also check your local surroundings to see if there is something luring in the wasps, as we cannot remove a nest if it is not on your premise.


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