Preventing Biting Insects

Ways to Prevent Biting Insects

Fleas and mites in the homeplace are more common than people think! Preventing small biting insects entering your home can be tricky. Here are some of our top tips to make your home less welcoming to pests, and to stop biting insect populations from escalating.  

AdobeStock 169234313Inspection: Before moving into a new home carefully check for pests and their eggs. Look out for flea droppings (black specks) on your floor or bedding.    

Washing: If you find any critters on your clothing or bed linen immediately wash them on a hot wash (60°C), or tumble dry the items on a hot setting for a minimum of 30 minutes. Regularly wash your pet’s bedding on a hot wash as animals are prime transporters of pests.  

Vacuuming: Keep your house as clean as possible by regularly vacuuming, especially carpeted areas and any furniture that is frequented by your pet. Thoroughly clean all areas of you house and prevent a build-up of dust.  

Garden maintenance: Ensure your garden is kept tidy with no grass or bush clippings, and your lawn is not overgrown. Biting insects can survive in long grass.  

Pet maintenance: Purchase veterinary approved treatments for your pet on a regular basis, particularly if you pet spends a lot of time outside.  

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