Biting Insect Issues

Have you got biting insects in your home?

The mere thought of smalls pests in your home is enough to get anyone’s skin crawling. During the summer months, you need to be on alert as biting insects are most active at this time of year. The warmer temperatures increase the breeding and activity of fleas, ticks and mites. 

Your house can become infested with the insects in a matter of weeks if left unchecked – your carpets and rugs are breeding grounds for fleas, ticks and mites. Use our identification guide to understand which biting insect is causing you problems. These parasites feed on warm-blooded animals and humans, and they can move a long distance in search of a meal. Bites from one of these insects can result in swelling and itchiness, and in some cases serious health risks such as Lyme disease. You can read more about the implications of these critters here. 

Attempting to remove the biting insects using hardware store products are not a long-term solution. These products do not treat insect eggs, so you are at risk of the infestation returning when they hatch leaving you in a vicious cycle.  

A professional approach is needed to fully eliminate an infestationOur tailored treatment service is the most effective and safe solution for your home. Our various control methods ensure all life cycle stages of pests are dealt withEach of our experienced operatives is trained to deal with any situation to protect you and your familyWe also offer a 24-hour call out service as we understand the need to get rid of insects fast!

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