Signs of Biting Insects

Signs of a biting insect problem

It can be difficult to identify biting insects given their small size. Signs to look out for are:

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  • Presence of live insects – you may be able to see fleas jumping in your carpet or a tick on your body. 
  • Small red bites – people react differently to insect bites in terms of reaction symptoms and time. 
  • Body rash  
  • Constantly scratching pets – your pet can pick up biting insects outside or when interacting with other animals. The parasitic insects can potentiallycause skin problems in animals. 

Flea bites 

While fleas are not known for spreading diseases, their bites can cause a small red lump and irritation. Typically, bites are found in clusters on ankles and legs. Children tend to be at higher risk of flea bites from playing on the floor and on mats. 

Tick bites 

Tick bites are not usually painful. These bites can cause a small red lump on the skin and sometimes result in blistering and bruising. It is important to be aware that ticks can transmit a number of diseases. In the UK, a serious bacterial infection carried by ticks is Lyme disease. The NHS recommends to seek medical attention if you develop a circular rash or a fever after you’ve been bitten by a tick. 

Mite bites

Mites bite any areas of uncovered skin. These bites cause very itchy red lumps on the skin and can blister. Some mites can burrow into the human skin and lay eggs causing scabies. This is an intense itchy rash that can spread across the body – you can read more about scabies on the NHS website. 

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