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What is bird proofing?

Bird proofing uses different methods to safely deter and prevent pest birds from perching and nesting on all types of buildings, rooftops, chimneys, eaves and solar panels.

Through a variety of physical, visual, and auditory bird deterrents, you can harmlessly move on nuisance birds through bird proofing building and structures.

Why is bird proofing needed?

Pest birds such as pigeons, gulls, corvids (the crow family) and starlings, when left to their own devices, will do what birds do naturally and create a mess through droppings and nesting. This causes expensive damage to buildings which can cost thousands to clean, repair and maintain time and time again if the cause of the problem, the nuisance birds, are not deterred.

Bird proofing can safeguard your business activities by avoiding the health risks triggered by pest birds which carry pathogens and diseases like salmonella. There is also the health and safety risk if pavements to your business become slippery through droppings, and can be a slip hazard for visitors, which can lead to the real threat of legal action.

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How do you bird proof a building?

Bird species and their habits vary, so deterring pest birds requires the right bird proofing solution. There are a variety of bird proofing systems available, each having advantages and disadvantages for your bird problem, building or situation.

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What can you bird proof?

Pest birds are not fussy about where they live and as leading bird proofing experts in the UK, we’ve seen that just about every type and style of building can be bird proofed, even Grade 2 listed buildings.

A grade 2 listed building in the form of a hydraulic tower on the site of the new Everton Football Stadium in Liverpool, had been home to feral pigeons for over 20 years. After clearing 6ft of pigeon droppings, our specialist restoration team installed pigeon net and wire mesh on all pigeon access areas to solve the problem. You can read the full story here.

From car parks with roosting pigeons causing a potential slip hazard from pigeon droppings to bird proofing a shiny new development, our bird proofing survey team have a vast amount of experience. We can also help home and flat owners, who have problems with pigeons on balconies, making them an unusable space.

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Bird proofing and control are specialist skills which should always be carried out by experienced and professional bird proofing experts.

We are the UK leaders in our range of services to help you bird proof your business or home. For more information on bird proofing solutions and advice, get in touch or talk to your local NBC bird control team by calling free on 0333 567 2020.

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