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Pigeon Control at the new Everton FC Stadium

Preventing Pigeons from Accessing the Hydraulic Tower

Our client Specialist Restorations who are a leading contractor for specialist construction were recently been awarded to assist with works on the new Everton football stadium in Liverpool. The works included the to restoration of a hydraulic tower which was a grade 2 listed building on-site. However, the tower has been abandoned for over 20 years and feral pigeons were called this home.

Project Overview

In the tower there were 20 plus broken windows and doors which were providing easy access for the pigeons. There were over 100 pigeons, multiple nests and over 6 foot of pigeon guano (pigeon droppings) which needed to be carefully dealt with before any works can be carried out

Our Solution

The best option was to bird proof the areas pigeons were gaining access through and clean up the mess they had created. Our experienced team in Liverpool set about installing pigeon net and wire mesh to all the windows and doors to prevent anymore pigeons from gaining access. They released as many pigeons as we could through the main entrance before installing pigeon net and pigeon one way access points to release the rest. All the pigeon guano was sprayed and treated with a biocide before carefully double bagged and sent away with the waste company for safe removal. Work is on-going here and were working very closely with Specialist Restorations on this project.

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