Bird Proofing on Balcony

Pigeons Perching on Balcony

A flat owner was experiencing problems with pigeons on a balcony which were leaving their droppings on the floor and outdoor furniture making the balcony not appealing to look at or use.

Project Overview

Pigeons were accessing the balcony area and perching on ledges of the building as a result of displacement from another area. In substantial quantities bird faeces acidic matter can even cause damage to the fabric of buildings which in turn, leads to higher cleaning and repair bills. Large quantities of faeces will also be infested with blood-feeding insects which will invade buildings over time. Bird faeces contain infectious diseases that are harmful to human health transmitted not only by contact but also through airborne particles. A solution is sought to eliminate this risk.

Our Solution

There were two solutions used to suit the client.

Installation of a bird net to the 2nd floor balcony - the net was used to create a physical barrier and prevent the feral pigeons from entering the 2nd floor balcony that offered them the most shelter. This ensured the area is protected against damage and the health risks associated with pigeons and their excreta.

A bird optical bird gel (which to a bird is viewed as fire, making the area undesirable to land on) to the 1st and 3rd floor balconies, ledges and banisters was installed because of aesthetical reasons and it wouldn't damage the view from the property as netting could do.

The above methods eradicated any health and safety risks that could be caused to the resident. This in turn will eliminate the risk of damage to the fabric and aesthetics of the building which leads to higher cleaning and repair bills.

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