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Pigeons Claiming Space at Car Park

Pigeon Problem For Car Park Users

Feral pigeons were roosting on the beams across the shop signage, the entrance and exit canopy and the first line of the beams under the car park canopy. Consequently, their excreta was falling to the floor below causing a slip hazard which had the potential to lead to legal litigation and a potential risk of damage to the fabric of the building. In addition, other unprotected areas such as lamp posts, CCTV cameras and pipework in close proximity of the exit area were being used by pigeons to roost on which require protection in order to maintain their effectiveness

Our Solution

Cleaning Guano
NBC treated the affected areas with a biocide to eliminate all harmful diseases and airborne pathogens. The area was cleaned and all bulk fouling and nesting material removed from site for appropriate disposal. 

Bird Proofing
NBC installed bird spikes on the beams across the entrance and the exit canopy, the first line of the beams of the car park canopy (at the front of the exit area) along with the right-hand side (where the two disabled bays were due to their close proximity to the exit area), shop signage, lamp posts, CCTV cameras and pipework. The installation of the anti-perch system (spikes) denied pigeons the opportunity to land on the beams to ensure these areas are protected against damage and the health risks associated with pigeons and their excreta posed people.

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