Wasp Nest Removal Service



If you are experiencing a significant number of wasps on your property, it is likely to be caused by a wasp nest nearby. Check the signs of a wasp nest on your property. The safest and most successful option to remove a wasp nest is to a book a professional wasp nest treatment service. We offer tailored pest control solutions to determine the best approach to deal with any wasp nest in your home or garden.

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Our Service Includes:

Experienced and fully trained wasp nest removal operatives

Full guarantee

Survey at your home

Appropriate treatment

Post Treatment Advice to prevent long term wasp nest issues


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Before a wasp nest removal service, our operative will use their expertise to confirm the insect species.  It is easy to mistake wasps for other flying insects, especially honeybees. The next stage is to evaluate the risks and take a planned approach to address the issue using specialist products. Our operatives ensure safeguard measures are in place during any treatment.


Direct treatment: Once the wasp nest has been located, our operative injects the treatment product directly into the centre of the nest to kill the nesting wasps. It takes approximately 48 hours for the entire colony to die within the nest, as time is needed for all the wasps to return.

Indirect treatment: If our operative is unable to safely access the core of the wasp nest, the treatment is applied to the entry point of the nest. Common entry points to a nest are cracks and cervices in the roof and the side of walls.

Wasp nest removal: In some circumstances, after treating the wasp nest and killing the colony, the nest may need to be removed for safety reasons. Our operative will be able to advise you prior to your treatment the best course of action to take. If the treated wasp nest does not need be removed from your property, you can be assured by the fact that the dead nest is safe and it will not be used by other wasp colonies in the future.

Post-treatment: After the treatment, our knowledgeable operative will provide guidance to prevent future wasps invading your home and how to make your surroundings less attractive to the stinging


Response Time:
  • A choice of 24 or 48 hours is available.
  • Treatments can be carried out during the week and at weekends. Once your order is placed with us, an expert member of our team will contact you to organise a time most convenient for you.